Our Project


Intervest makes capital investments from the perspective of long-term development.

We are concerned above all with contributing to the creation of competitive, innovative and respectful businesses.

We favour quality over quantity. Intervest therefore limits its investments to a small number of organizations in order to be able to pay more attention to each project.

Consulting services

Intervest functions like a periscope: We help entrepreneurs get their heads above water to see the horizon, get their bearings and refine their strategies.

Our consulting services are offered solely to companies in which we invest. In this way, we can offer them regular, personalized support.

We deal with entrepreneurs who demonstrate their willingness to pursue healthy, responsible growth. For these people, we become mentors.

Involvement in the business

We consider ourselves stakeholders in the companies we invest in. We take on a semi-active role in their operations.

Without getting involved in day-to-day management, we maintain regular contact with the entrepreneurs. We keep their challenges and objectives in mind, constantly searching for ways to help them reach their goals.

Intervest is there to assist them in matters of strategy, vision, development and direction

“If you focus on exit strategies, you undermine the possibility of building companies that will create sustainable prosperity around themselves.”