Pierre Leroux

entrepreneur - visionary – altruistic – creative – builder

Pierre LerouxWith a commerce degree from McGill University, Pierre Leroux took his first steps in management in the world of retail. But it is his interest in human beings that has shaped his career.

He quickly redirected his activities toward human resources management for manufacturing and distribution companies, and for a family business, Saputo.

There, he took on various jobs, from operations manager to communications, passing through quality control and research and development, to finally wind up with the title of Executive Vice President in charge of human resources and corporate affairs. Through his work, he contributed to the sustained growth of the company until it secured its current position of international leadership.

For several years, Pierre has been participating in the start-up, financing and development of companies through coaching, mentoring and investment. He sits on the boards of directors of numerous organizations.

Passionate about and interested in both the business world and the arts and cultural scene, he wants above all to collaborate with entrepreneurs who share his values: integrity, passion, vision.

For Pierre, growth and profit are perfectly compatible with a business approach that is human, responsible and sustainable. It is this conviction that he intends to defend and promote with Intervest.

“What I love, ultimately, is building companies and helping people.”