Intervest is looking for passionate people, dreamers, virtuosos. Ambitious, creative, visionary – revolutionary, even!

Experts in their fields, they must demonstrate great openness and aspire to build their businesses with integrity, in a sustainable, intelligent fashion.

The people we deal with yearn to build companies that inspire admiration among their employees and in their communities.

We invest in small businesses that are in the planning stages, just starting out, in development, recovering or repositioning themselves.

The sectors that interest us are

  • human resources,
  • marketing,
  • communications,
  • public relations,
  • sustainable development and corporate social responsibility,
  • design (graphic, event, environmental and industrial),
  • and content creation (visual, audio or written).

We are also open to any innovative project that stands out in terms of originality.

Intervest has a soft spot, too, for entrepreneurs who work with the physical world, who propose tangible, solid, sound products.

“I deal with people who want to make a profit, but who do so while respecting their employees, their clients and their communities.”